Drivee Automotive AB

Mobility is our challenge.

Drivee Automotive is importer of DFSK and BAIC in Scandinavia. These cars are what you need in a rapidly evolving world. Staying ahead of the future therefore remains our challenge. Preparing the future for you.

Tomorrow’s mobility ensures that you are on the road without any worries. Drivee Automotive is your partner with personal attention and service. Expanding our offer in function of this is therefore an objective.


The world is changing! Automotive goes hand in hand with Mobility. The concept of mobility evolves year after year. Our path from A to B has never been the same, but has always grown with the future.

Our intention is to offer the best solution in future automotive that consist; Eco driving cars, Connectivity, G-mobility, Electrification and Smart Mobility. Drive Eco is our mission. We Welcome you to join our journey.